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14-Piece Kitchen Knives with Board

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 11:40 PM

My boyfriend is a top chef at a five star restaurant in the big city and he's always cooking up a storm in the kitchen. For his 40th birthday, I decided to get him the impressive 14-piece kitchen knives that come with a board for chopping or cutting. He told me that the knives are simply the best kitchen knives he'd ever used his entire profession years.

From his reaction, I could clearly see how he's truly amazed by the knives.The set includes 7 kitchen knives, 6 steak knives, and natural colored hardwood block. The knives have symmetrically-cut two-dimensional serrated edges for precision slicing and stainless-steel blades that never need sharpening, full tangs triple-riveted to Bakelite handles, and a limited lifetime guarantee.

Perhaps the best thing about the kitchen knives is the fact that all of them are perfect both for left or right-handed use. Apart from that, the knives are also intentionally ergonomically-made to give its user extra comfort and stability while handling the knives.